The right terrarium

The right terrarium

Spiders are considered to be great arachnid pets. Though they try to get a bit squeaky when they are captivated, they tend to get placid with time. Another added feature about the pets is that they are highly docile. There are different species of spiders which can be categorised as good pets. The terrariums specifications for all the types are more or less the same. Generally the little decorating ones contain a glass jar with a small open/close lid for food. But providing a mesh can make it easier for the spider as closed cages can suffocate them. The terrarium can have little twigs, logs, plants and vines for the spider to rest on, some peat moss to keep the environment moist, a small bowl for water and the additional decor which can make the pet home look more attractive.

Food, lighting and security for pet spiders

Spider can get along with the normal day light and unlike arachnids that need bright light. So, keeping the terrarium in a corner where the sunlight is optimum. Another important consideration is that spiders need a warm climate; this keeps them cosy and comfortable. A heat pad which can sustain a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit is advisable.

Care for the pet

Spiders are highly cannibalistic. This makes it necessary to have different terrariums for each spider. They are all chances that they eat their mates. The size of the terrarium should be considerably larger than the spider. They are not messy and excrete a fast drying fluid which does not create a foul odour. The cage can be cleaned for every three to four months. A few species are good burrowers. Such cages should have layers of bedding to keep them comfortable in their habitat. Sterilizing pot soil, eco earth and bed a beast are all the substrates which keep spiders happy.

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