Scorpions are spineless animals with eight legs, clenching claws and constringed, segmented tail. The tail is sinuous and ends with a virulent stinger. There are one thousand and fifty two described species of scorpions, of which twenty five species possess venom which can kill human beings. Scorpions can be found in all continents except Antarctica. There are assorted species in sub tropical areas. These are seen in most of the habitats including mountain tops and caves with some exceptions though. The average life span of scorpions is around four years to twenty five years. They survive extreme temperatures from freezing to desert heat, but fancy living in areas with temperatures around twenty degrees to thirty seven degrees.

Anatomy of Scorpions

Scorpion’s body has three main parts cephalothorax, mesosoma and metasoma. Cephalothorax which is also called as prosoma is the head of the scorpion. The head mainly constitutes of the eyes, mouth, legs and the claws. They have two eyes at the top of the head and around two to five pairs of eyes whose position depends on the soil they spend there lives. They have four pairs of walking legs. Mesosoma is the abdominal area of the scorpion with seven segments. Metasoma is the scorpion’s tail which has five segments. There are some two tailed scorpions; these are due to genetics disorder but not a different type of species.

In some parts of the world especially China scorpions are used in production of medicine. Apart from that Chinese also have fried scorpions as a traditional dish. Scorpions also form an integral part of culture in the form of zodiac sign Scorpio. In ancient Egypt, the goddess Serket was often portrayed as a scorpion. Some species of scorpions are very aggressive and need no or little stimulus to attack.

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