Araneus are a descent of orb weaving spiders. The males in such type of spiders are of 1/3rd to 1/4th of the size of females. The size of the females is up to an inch whereas males can be up to 0.3 inch. Females of this type of spices bite more than their male counterparts. Males can not consume or catch prey more than their size due to their elongated abdomens and long legs.

Different types of Araneus spiders

Two famous genuses of Araneus spiders are European garden spider and the barn spider. The European garden spiders also called the diadem spiders or cross spiders are found mostly in Europe and in north western parts of North America. They are extremely light yellow to very dark grey and those in Europe are characterized with dappled markings across their backs. These spiders wait for their prey to stick to their web and then consume them with in minutes. These spiders use their third pair of legs to weave web and are of little use when on ground. As with most spiders females are larger to males and more powerful comparatively.

Famous Araneus spiders

Other famous Araneus spiders are the barn spiders. These are yellow and brown spiders which are active during the night and sleep during the day. Similar to other orb web weaver spiders these spiders too take down their web in the night and weave back in the mornings. These spiders are very aggressive towards each other so generally they are at a distance from one another even though inhabited in the same structure. These spiders are found normally in wooden structures or rafters or on boats near lakes resulting in the name barn spider. These Araneus spiders are observed in north east United States and Canada.

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